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Exhibition of paintings “LEST WE FORGET”

“Kosovo is a great judjment” – bishop P.P.Njegosh

As a response to the tragic events in Kosovo in March 2004 , the Serbian Orthodox

Church High School for Fine Art and Conservation in Belgrade has,

for more than ten years, organised exhibitions of student work based on the

frescoes and icons from Kosovo and Metohija.

As members of Christ”s church, we at the High School felt duty bound not to forget

these events, but to bear witness to Justice and Truth, as far as we are able…. so that

Christ does not forget us…To understand this response , one needs to understand the

signi cance of Kosovo.

Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian Culture and

is deeply rooted in the psyche of the Serbian Orthodox Christians. It was home

to the  rst Serbian Patriarchy in Pec monastery in 1346. and was the home of

hundreds of monasteries and churches. In June 1389. , Prince Lazar, later Saint

Lazar , fought the vast Ottoman army on Kosovo  eld. He was captured and martyred,

having refused to give up his Christian faith. Serbian Orthodox Christians

have celebrated this event through centuries of their o- en troubled history, the day

when the choice was made for Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven. It is this event

which gives Kosovo its spiritual as well as historic signi cance. In March 2004. the

Serbian people in Kosovo experienced sufering, persecution and expulsion from

their homes and the destruction of their churches, monasteries and cultural heritage

during the ethnic Albanian, KLA sponsored, riots. Whilst UN peacekeepers

and NATO troops struggled to contain the violence, dozens of churches and monasteries

were destroyed, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not just

Serbian heritage, but Christian heritage. But Europe just looked on.

Danica Evans

Exhibition of paintings “LEST WE FORGET”


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